Welcome to the ‘Posting family roots’ blog!  My name is Susan Posten Ellerbee and I am the designated family genealogist.  I have been doing genealogy for 20+ years.  My primary research focus has been on the families of my parents and my parents-in-law, specifically:

  • Posten (dad’s family) – Northeast Pennsylvania & New Jersey with French origins on his mother’s side.
  • Tucker (mom’s family) – New York with German origins on her mother’s side.
  • Ellerbee (father-in-law’s family) – Texas, Alabama, Georgia with English & Scandinavian origins.
  • Johnson (mother-in-law’s family) – Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, with English & Irish origins.

Collateral family research includes:  Richards, Fulkerson, LaCoe Ostrander (Posten branch);  Maurer & Traver (Tucker);  Simmons & Bailey (Ellerbee);  Reed, Holcomb & Creager (Johnson).    Possible relatives:  other Posten families from northeast Pennsylvania.

I am married with 2 sons, both in their 20s. We live in a suburb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.